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From the time I was a toddler, I knew I was not a city girl. I was always happiest when on my grandmother's farm. Dave and I both grew up in Pittsburgh, but after we agreed to take our friendship to a higher level, we moved to the country. The movie, "Lonesome Dove", made me realize the West was where I needed to be. Neither one of us regret the move. My favorite movies are westerns and Gene Autry was my first hero. (Gene Autry in his own words.)

So this web site came into being with the thought of bringing the scent of these wide open spaces and majestic mountains to those who may never be able to experience the West and to those who have had the good fortune to do so. We hope our site will help you experience it for the first time, or bring back the wonderful memories.

If you love the West and all it entails; the sight, sound, scent, the cultures and style, Westerns, cowboys, etc., perhaps with the help of Wild West Sage we can bring the West a little closer to you. So saddle up, put on your best western duds, throw a western movie on the TV, and use our gift enclosed with each order to help you feel you are really in the Wild West!

Thank you and take it easy!

Linda, Dave and the kids
Wild West Sage



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