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Heirloom Seeds

Even though I was born and lived in the city, I grew up on my grandparent's farm.

Every spring they planted a vegetable garden to have fresh vegetables for eating and for canning for the rest of the year. They also had flower gardens, trees and shrubs.

They grew these plants with seeds that were brought over from Poland, "the old country", as did all the other immigrants who came to America from their respective home lands. These seeds were handed down from generation to generation like any other valuable family heirloom.


One of my personal favorites is the Polish Pink Tomato. Seeds for this tomato were brought to this country more than 100 years ago by my Great Grandparents! We are pleased to announce that we have the seeds of this fine heirloom variety for sale. It is low in acid, grows to over a pound, takes 69 to 80 days to mature, and is great fresh in tomato sandwiches or for canning. The price is $2.95 for 20 seeds with shipping and handling included.


Another variety we are featuring is the Flaming Hillbilly. A bicolor that also grows to over a pound in size. Great fresh. The growing time more than 80 days. The price is $2.95 for 20 seeds with shipping and handling included.

If you would like to be sure of receiving some of theses fine heirloom seeds, send us your name and e-mail address:WildWestSage.com , as supplies will be limited.

In our opinion, there is nothing quite like having a garden full of heirloom vegetables and other plants for their timeless quality, taste and beauty.

We felt that it was important to include varieties of these heirloom plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees on our site because they are a part of the "Western Experience" also.

This Old Fashioned Purple Lilac bush is growing on our property in Ellisforde, WA, where there is an old homestead. All that remains are parts of the foundation, so this bush has certainly been there a long time!

When this lilac bush is in bloom the fragrance is heavenly!

Plants are $10.95 each for a 12-24" plant shipped semi-bare root with heavy root systems.



These Purple Iris are also growing on our property. It evidently was planted near the front door and has spread over the years into a gorgeous patch. They only grow about 12" tall. The bloom itself is about 3" tall and 3" wide.

They are $6.99 per rhizome. For each full price rhizome purchased, you can buy a second one for 1/2 price!


Heirloom Puple Iris 1 Heirloom Purple Iris 2



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