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Bead Art by Laura

I enjoy creating what I feel and picture from within and look forward to creating personalized pieces for others.

These are some of the pieces that I have created for others. If you see something you like or have questions about them, email me at: Wild West Sage.com

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End of Trail $325.00
Bead Art Eagle Beret
Thunderbird $227.50
Bead Art Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher $13.00 to $97.50(depending on size and detail)
Bead Art Blue Model.jpg
Daisy $325.00
Bead Art Hummingbird Bead Art Hummingbird Group
Hummingbird $175.50
Bead Art Doll-Angel
Angel $149.50 Woman(without wings) $136.50
Bead Art Hair Pins
Hair Sticks $26.00 to $78.00 (depending on size and detail)
Bead Art Earrings
Feather Earrings $45.50
Bead Art Pouch
Prayer Purse $143.00

S&H $6.00 in the Continental U.S. Items will be shipped Priority Mail. For other areas, email us at: Wild West Sage.com

Bead Art Laura

Hi! I am Laura Mathews from Vancouver, Washington.

Growing up, I spent hours watching Indian women bead at Pow Wows on the Indian Reservation where my dad grew up, and have had a love for beads since I was 6 years old. I have made many beaded pieces of art throughout my life and gave them as presents. I loved seeing the joy and excitement they have shown when opening their little box ... that was my joy. My family and friends suggested sharing my God given gift with others and start a business. I hope now to spread beautiful pieces of bead art around the world ... that has been a dream of mine.

My daughter, Daniella Mathews, who is Chippawa, is in an American Indian Education Program where I am helping to teach beadwork. I have been taught the American Indian way is to "create from your heart what you feel from inside and your art will inspire others and bring happiness". I am a self taught beader and enjoying teaching my daughter also to help keep the Native American art of beading alive for generations to come.

We toured Grand Coulee Dam and were told about the museum. The curator of the museum saw my barrette in my hair and asked if I would be interested in putting pieces of my work in the museum. He said my art work is exceptional and he also knows gallery owners on the east coast that will also want to take in my work. I am proud to have my art work at the "Grand Coulee Indian Museum and Gift Shop" by Grand Coulee Dam.

I enjoy creating what I feel and picture from within and look forward to creating personalized pieces for others.


Laura Mathews

Thanks for stopping by.



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