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Western Saddles and Tack

Custom Western Ranch and Trail Saddles
Gary's Custom Saddlery and Silver Buckles

Deluxe Reiner or Pleasure Saddle
Diamond Conches Saddle
with Corner Carved & Basket Weave
$6,885.00 With Silver

Custom Roping Saddle
Acorn Roper
$3,985.00 + Silver

Plain Ranch Saddle
Working Ranch Saddle

8 String Slick Fork with Tapaderos
Vintage Buckaroo Saddle
$8,985.00 with Silver
Custom Elk Chinks
Custom Gold Elk Chinks
Base Price $350.00

Visalia Slick Fork with 4-1/2in. Rawhide Cantle
Slick Fork 3/4 Corner Carved
Basket Weave

Equitation Saddle
3/4 Carved Show Saddle
$5,990.00 with Silver

Ultra DELUXE Custom Reining Saddle
Custom Reiner
$6,990.00 plus Silver
Trail Saddle
Light Weight Trail Saddle
Border Pattern &
Basket Weave Corners
$3,375.00 + Silver
Custom Western Saddle
Ultra Deluxe Trail Saddle
Coner Carved & Basket Weave
with Diamond Conchos

Team Penning Saddle
Team Penning Saddle
Border Pattern
$3,490.00 Plus Silver

Custom Arab Western Saddle
Round Skirt Arabian Trail Saddle
Combination Pattern
$4,790.00 Plus Custom Silver
Custom Roping Saddle
Acorn Corner Carved Roping Saddle

Custom Show Saddle
Basket Weave Show Saddle
& Sterling Diamond Conches
$4,990.00 with Silver

Slick Fork Roper
Border Pattern Saddle
$3,385.00 Plus Silver

Roping Saddle
Corner Carved &
Basket Weave Saddle

With almost 40 years in the industry, they strive to build nothing but the finest product with the finest proven materials available.All of their products are individually hand crafted. Each western saddle is hand fitted, and hand carved as well as all of the saddle trees being custom made to better fit your horse and riding style. Fitting guidelines are supplied.

Each solid sterling silver belt buckle is individually hand cut and hand engraved. Award belt buckles, Traditional western sterling silver and/or gold belt buckles are their specialty. Their western belt buckles are designed and created with the discerning tastes of the client in mind.

If you have questions about ordering one of these fine saddles, just drop us an email at: WildWestSage.com

Due to the volatility of Gold and Silver, prices on items are subject to change.


American Saddlery light-weight youth saddle model # 382. Size 13 seat. Beautiful black suede leather and codura with tapederos. Comes with bridle, reins and bit. $375.00 + S&H.

About "Tack"

Until the Spaniards brought the horse to the Americas, if you
wanted to get anywhere, you walked!

Up until the train and later the automobile, the horse was THE
means of transportation.

Riding and raising horses has become a recreation and a love for people. Something that connects us to a simpler time.

However, the horse is still used to herd and work cattle and other livestock, just like in the old west.(We have ACTUALLY witnessed this, for those of you who are Easterners and may need pictures!)

Nothing is more important than having quality horse tack that fits both you and the horse. And the proper items for feeding and
caring for your horse or horses. (You can NEVER have too many horses!)

We offer top quality items for work, show and recreation to meet
all budget ranges.

If you are looking for a particular item, just drop us an email at: WildWestSage.com

(Shipping charges will be added to the cost of the order. Shipping Rates)

We accept checks and money orders through the US Mail at:

Wild West Sage
104 Abie Lane
Oroville, WA  98844



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