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Hand Dipped Sage Candles

These standard width (7/8") hand-dipped taper candles are 7" long and are sold by the pair. They are drip and smoke resistant and have a burn time of 7 hours. Experience the rich elegance of a soft, illuminating glow from these taper candles which use a pure cotton wick to allow for a slow and even burn.
I create these hand-dipped tapers one paper-thin layer at a time to ensure a unique depth of color and a beautiful matte finish. Each candle is hand-dipped 25 times to create the elegant shape and solid-color throughout. During the process each candle is infused with Sage that is grown on our property. The fresh Sage is distilled into the fragrance oil and used in the decorating of the candles. .
Keep protected from drafts,(open doors/windows, ceiling fans, vents) when burning to keep them from smoking and dripping. Be sure to trim the wick to 1/4" while burning to ensure a slow, even burn and to keep the candles from smoking.

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